So I started this Couch to 5K program 5 weeks ago. I’ve been running 3 times a week going on my 4th week (took the vacation week off while in Mexico).  On Monday I ran in the little gym they have here at the RV park. The treadmill there is actually quite a nice treadmill. I can plug my iphone into the speaker and play my music through a decent output, the buttons are nice and big, easy to use when running or walking and it has a built in fan.

The view is also pretty nice. 😀  I ran/walked almost 2 miles in 29 minutes.  Not too bad for week 4 of running.  Now, you’d think I was in better shape because of agility, but honestly, when training, I don’t do a whole lot of running myself unfortunately and since I am only doing class once a week, I run maybe 3 minutes, tops during class.  So I need the extra exercise.  If it’s nice outside I run outside either around the RV park, at Scot and Amy’s subdivision or at Minto Brown park.  Today looked like rain and it hailed twice today, so I decided to be safe and not get hailed on.

I also added music to my iphone last night. I know, I know, I’ve had the thing for 3 years now? and am just getting music on it?  Well, ya know, I don’t buy songs and I finally got around to copying from my CDs, which have been in the RV for two years. 😀  Yay!

I felt really good after my run today. I like that feeling.

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