Tasha and I are exploring Canine Freestyle. There are several organizations for titling and we have been taking classes for over a month now. Freestyle is basically a bunch of tricks strung together into a sequence and then put to music. She and I are working on Front and Heel at the moment using a platform.  So far so good.

I spent today at a Freestyle competition to get a better feel for how things are done and to get some ideas.  It’s a lot like agility, some great runs, some goods runs and some not so good runs. But everyone, handlers and dogs, had a good time and that’s the key.  Since Tasha and I already have some competition experience and she also works well next to me, I think we should be able to get two beginners legs pretty easily next May.  The hard part will be deciding on music, getting that music cut to about 1 minute 40 seconds and then practicing putting it all together! We already have a song picked out but I’m having a tough time getting it cut in a format that can play in a CD player. Oi vey!!!

On a non-dog related note Bryan and Michelle Decker came out a week ago to spend a week with us. It was great to have company and to have good friends to hang out with.  Kris especially enjoyed their company and he was able to take most of the week off to hang out with them. We did fun things like go to the shore, go to Tillamook and just hang out and have fun.  They did other fun things while I was at work on Tues and Wed as well. Oh and we did go ride the Carousel at Riverfront Park. 😀 Yay!  They headed up to Portland on Friday and flew out early on Saturday morning.  I hope they had as much fun as we did despite the rocky start!  Neither of their bags arrived with them at the airport from Denver. 🙁 And on Sunday morning as we were leaving the house, Michelle slipped on our front stoop and scraped up her foot and did some damage to her big toe. 🙁  She was a sport and didn’t let that stop her from walking on the beach in sandals or enjoying herself any less. 😀

I got some great shots on the beach on Thursday. I have to decrease their size in order to upload them to my server, so once I get that done, another post of pictures shall be in order. 😀