Twitch USDAA Jan 24/25 and trial stress


Imagine a third blue ribbon in the picture, the club ran out.. We qualified in all 3 runs today though they were slower as the day progressed.

I tried very hard to support each obstacle through all the runs but he still had a couple run bys. Mostly on contacts today. I bought the videos so once I get those I will have to examine them really well. I think it is mostly trial stress. This location was pretty noisy with lots of barking dogs. He kept looking behind himself and all around the rings. I wonder if letting him check out as many sides and locations as I can at new places would help…. In the center aisle between rings, all he wanted to do was look for dropped food. :-/

He runs pretty well at Barb’s place in Turner so the new surroundings may be the issue. It just means go to more places.

Overall we did well this weekend with 6 runs and 6 Q’s. Just wish we could get over the nervousness.