Clean Run

I have been getting Clean Run since 2006 I think. My subscription expires in a couple months and I am hard pressed to bring myself to renew. I just caught up on 6 months worth tonight and then organized my tote box of the last three years. I am missing several volumes. Sad.

I enjoy the articles and someday would love to be able to set up some of the exercises but I don’t have the space. To make matters worse we can’t buy a house until the middle of next year.

A friend copies the articles she likes, files them away and then gets rid of the magazines. It would take me a long time to go through them all but if I started now? I could scan them in and save a digital copy..,

Decisions. There is some good stuff in them but a lot of it I don’t care about. It’s the only magazine I buy so I guess it doesn’t hurt to renew for another year.

They have awesome stuff in their online store. I wish I had some extra cash to spend but I already have a bunch of stuff I don’t use. 😉