February 6, 2015

What on Earth is going on with the world today?

The two big things are the war on women about our rights to make decisions for our bodies and the anti-vaccination movement.

The war on women. This is where every elected Republican man and some women believe it or not, keep trying to pass laws about our bodies. Specifically about our right to medical procedures such as abortion. It’s about how they want to control every thing we do because they must fear us. That is all I can think of because it doesn’t make any sense. What does a guy care if a woman he doesn’t know gets an abortion? How can that possibly affect him? And not only does he want women to give birth to accidental pregnancies, they want to prevent women from being able to prevent those pregnancies!! So stupid and inconceivable!

That brings me to the anti-vaxers as they are being called. These people who have opted out of vaccinations for measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc, have now helped bring back outbreaks of these diseases. A measles infected person was at Disneyland and now 100 more people have it because they had not been vaccinated, one or two were very young babies that hadn’t had a chance to get the vaccination! All this because of one medical doctor that got a non-scientific study published with lots of holes and flaws, claiming a link between vaccinations and autism. The study in question has been debunked over and over again yet it still gets touted as true. There are millions of people my age that do not have autism that were vaccinated as children. Sheesh.

I swear I don’t know what this world is going to end up like but I am thankful I am not raising a child in it. I say this because when I think about these things and how they can affect so many for such stupid reasons, I feel like I could go mad! I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I had a child growing up that needed protecting. Ugh.