Kris thinks I’m rude if I tell someone their agility dog is over weight. Actually I bet he thinks I am for telling someone their non-agility dog is overweight. If my dogs are overweight I want someone to tell me. I see them every day and you don’t notice it like someone that hasn’t seen or touched them for a while.

Also if my dog was acting off or limping or any other such behavior that affects their health and longevity in agility, I would want someone to tell me. Sure I may not like it at first but it will get me looking and checking and then doing something about it.

Now I’m not going to harp on the weight of a friend’s dog once I’ve told them. After that they should be able to check on their own and monitor to the ideal weight. If it’s been a couple years or something, then I might bring it up again. 😉

I know Twitch probably won’t have a long agility career because of a loose patella in one knee that may cause him problems down the road. In the meantime I will work him on tricks and strengthening to help build muscle and keep that patella in place. 

Sometimes a dog ends up with things we can’t control or fix. That’s when tough choices have to be made and that sucks. A good friend may be going through that now and I feel bad for her. 🙁