Promising Practice


So I have taken our agility show on the road three times now. All three times at Bush’s Pasture Park and Twitch has gotten progressively better! Tonight we went to the barn to practice. (Barb is at GSP Nationals and is gone for the next three classes but we can still go and practice.)  Shelby met us out there too. 

There was another woman and strange dog at the barn who showed up just after I got there. Twitch barked at them a bit but quieted down pretty quickly. Good boy!

He ran really well too! I tested his contacts and tested his weave poles. We practiced with tossed Charlie Bears for turns in the dirt, they have promise as a non-messy food to throw!

For his weaves I put treat bags out along the polls and threw toys along the path as he was doing the poles. He had a hard time but persevered and had beautiful weaves! His turns are getting faster and his contacts were spot on. He even held his 2o2o on the teeter.

I have hope that we can get past this distraction and stress in new places! 

My new tunnel, jumps and weaves should arrive this week and we will continue taking this show on the road!