So it’s officially spring weather here. Gorgeous 70 degree and sunny days the last few and scheduled into next week.

I planned three nights of gaming for Kris’ 40th birthday and it was lots of fun! Busy and exhausting too. It was great to visit with friends and play some games. Food was good but today we were ready to rest. 

We started the day at the dog park where we met up with Scot and Amy. 7 dogs and 6 humans. It was a nice morning. Shadow did one lap and then relaxed with Kris while the rest of us did another lap a little faster. 7 tired pups at the end!

We laid in the hammock a bit and then went to Bush’s Pasture Park for some spring photos. I saw this Wisteria bush on our way to Minto and thought it would make some great photos! I was not wrong!

Then we took the below pics too.

Kris took his birthday gift, a quadcopter, to the field to fly it in the open instead of the backyard. The black spec top center is the copter.

Shadow, Twitch and I hung out in the shade.