Fleet Feet CPE Agility 5-23/24-2015

Twitch and I went to Fleet Feet in Turner this weekend. Due to my achilles injury yesterday, Shelby ran him in his 4 runs. They got 2 Qs out of 4 and one of those being a Level 3 Standard Q.

On Sunday I ran him and we got 4 out of 4 Qs. He was a bit distracted in Standard but we pulled off our first Level 4 Standard Q with one fault on the weaves. His weaves the rest of the day were spot on though. It’s like he forgets what they are and needs a reminder. Humpf.

Overall I am pleased with his performance this weekend!

We go to agility camp with Desert Sage Agility in June where Moe Strenfel and Sandy Rogers are two of the presenters. I am not sure if I will camp or try a hotel or both!

We have only one trial in June at Ridgefield where we typically do ok. In July I am considering a USDAA trial in Longview WA that is outside on grass. Not sure about that and it goes up against CPE in Turner but USDAA Qs are harder for us so seems like I should try for those. Then there is a USDAA trial at Argus Ranch the same weekend as the Warrior Dash. I am considering Sunday for that one. Then maybe taking August off completely. We shall see. I am a bit behind on my finances and may not have enough to compete past July for a month.

Why can’t money just grow on trees?