This weekend was K9 Sports USDAAtrial at the Salem fairgrounds, so basically my back yard. I entered both days and Shelby entered only Saturday.

We were still in PI so I didn’t have to be there right at 8 either day so I arrived about 8:20 on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

Saturday was Gamblers, Standard and Pairs Relay. Shelby and Cricket were entered as our Pairrs partner so that was good. With so few 12 inch dogs it is unlikely I will ever run with another 12 at this level unless I travel somewhere else. 

Anyway Gamblers was a nice run, fast and fun but the second to last gamble obstacle prevented the Q.

Standard was a disaster. Twitch nicked the tire and I think that threw him off. He ran past the dog walk and then later the teeter. He disconnected three times and I gave up.

Pairs was accurate but slow except for the weaves. We had to do them three times to get them and we were 3 seconds over time. Oh well.

I debated not going back on Sunday and doing some other fun thing but Kris encouraged me to go because I paid for it and because practice is good. I’m glad I took that advice!

Sunday was Standard, Snooker and Jumpers.

Standard was lovely except for running past the tunnel but I got him in the right opening and we Q’d! Yay!

Snooker was fast and fun! Twitch got to do 8 tunnels! He was having fun! Yay!! Another Q and we got all three sevens!

Jumpers was going well until a late front cross on my part (or something with bad cueing) caused him to run past a jump and then I didn’t do a good job getting us back on course. We managed to salvage it and finish strong for another Q. 

I marked up my maps where we went off so I can try to recreate out in the fields during practice.

So finished stronger than we started and finished 3 titles today! Twitch can add SPS, SPJ and SPK to his name. And next trial we will be in Advanced Jumpers, Snooker and Standard! Eeck!!  🙂