Why Is It?

Why is it that as soon as I start having thoughts of how manageable my pain has been and how I haven’t had an episode in a long time, that I have an episode? And this isn’t even the normal stuff, this is new. This hurts. It frightens me. If I can’t even run then what the hell am I going to do? 

Both legs, quads and glutes have sharp pain with certain movements. Right leg is currently worse than left but before my feeble attempts at agility tonight the left was worse. At class, the first run I started to jog, not even run because I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen, and sharp stabbing pain went through my left glute and quad. I walked the first run and turned two and three over to Shelby. 🙁

I am not happy. I took two cyclobenzaprine and drank a glass of wine. I hope that helps for overnight. The rest of me feels pretty numb but my legs are as clear and sharp as before. 🙁

It was very hard on the drive home to push away the self pity. To bury the tears that threatened because if my legs don’t heal I can’t run Twitch. I didn’t get a dog to let someone else run him. That’s part of the fun! 

I am so over my “issues”.