Bubbles 2002-2015

On a sunny weekend day back in 2002, my friend Fern and I were following Kris out to the lake. Kris was pulling a boat with his truck and we were following in Fern’s car. Almost to the lake and in the road, just as we are about to pass over it, was a teeny tiny kitten that was being tumbled on the road. 

I told Fern to stop and we got out to check on the wee thing. Thankfully neither of us actually hit her, just tumbled her in the road. She was really tiny maybe 4 to 5 weeks old. We knocked on doors but got no answer. We drove to the boat ramp because Kris didn’t see us stop and showed him the kitten. We couldn’t just abandon the poor thing!

So we aborted the boat trip and went back to my house. My sister Kat said she could hold the kitten overnight because Kris is allergic. We gave the flea infested little thing a bath in the kitchen sink.

Kat ended up keeping that little kitten and named her Bubbles. She was just barely weaned and kept blowing bubbles in the milk. She followed Phoebe, Kat’s other kitty around like a mom. Phoebe took Bubbles under her wing and cared for her. It was a match made in heaven.

Kat moved to San Francisco with Phoebe and Bubbles back in 2009 or so. Such adventures for a wee kitten that was “run over” by two vehicles! 

This past Monday, yesterday, Kat got the news that the sudden bump under Bubble’s tongue was an aggressive Cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma. There was nothing the vet could do to slow it or stop it without some invasive procedures. 

Bubbles had a good life. She was well loved and Kat made the hardest decision we have to make as pet parents, she let Bubbles go back to nature.

Rest easy sweet, cuddly Bubbles. You will be missed.