USDAA Brownsville with WAG

On Sunday Twitch and I headed down to Brownsville for USDAA put on by Willamette Agility Group.

It was outside on grass and I was excited to check out the new to me place. Our runs for the day were P2 Standard, P2 Gamblers, P1 Pairs and P2 Snooker.

P2 Standard. It was a lovely run, smooth, flowing and he got a pretty tough weave entrance! It was out of a curved tunnel and he got in, stayed in and at about pole 6 something caught his eye and he popped out. Got him back in and he did them again flawlessly and we moved on.  No Q but it was the type of run I strive for with him.

P2 Gamblers. This run had some issues. We started out with jump tire but the tire was set at 20. So we started over because Twitch ran under the tire. Can’t blame him for that! After the tire was a turn back for the dog walk which he ran around. He has done that before and it took a couple tries to get him on it. Not sure why he didn’t take it. After that was pretty good and flowing but we didn’t get enough points. He almost got the gamble but he knocked the last bar. He tried so hard to get over that jump for me!

P1 Pairs. This was a short 9 obstacle run and it was jump jump aframe. He went between me and the aframe! And then took another try to get him up and over. Otherwise it was a good run. No Q for over time because our pair had some issues with the teeter too.

P2 Snooker. Still one of my favorite classes! I planned a pretty good route and we executed pretty well, made it all the way through 7 with 43 points! He was a little pokey going over a jump that he was to wrap back to me after but otherwise did really well!

So happy with the day despite only the one Q in Snooker. 🙂