Weekend one done!

We are half way through week two with puppy. The first few days were rough as we all settled into a routine. Trying to figure out puppy’s cues he needs to go has been a challenge. Which means we go out way more often than he actually goes but we have been two days accident free which is great. He seems to be getting it but I’m not ready to trust him yet. Plus he still eats everything! Tonight he ate a rock. A rock!! What the frick? I mean that could become a problem if they don’t pass. 

So far we are works by on body handling, such as teeth, ears, eyes and toes. We are working on brushing too as he is not a fan. Then there is basics like sit and down. I’m trying to get him to doing in place around an upside down bowl for hind end awareness but he’s having a hard time with it. I’m sure my timing is off and causing problems.

Then we are still playing with toys and I’m introducing a toy as reward for a sit. He seems to switch between good and play pretty well. Oh working on fetch too. He doesn’t want to bring the ball to me but likes to chase it. 

He and Twitch are playing together pretty well. They both try to hump each other but we redirect when we see it. Puppy is now 14 1/2 weeks old and weighs 14 pounds. Last week on Tuesday at the vet he weighed 11.8. We are going to take pictures of him in front of this jump with the bar are 16. 🙂