Decisions, decisions

So I am struggling this year with some decisions. One of them is what to do about agility classes. I spent 5 years in IN going to agility classes in Indy, driving an hour each way. Now I have classes 20 minutes from me but I don’t feel like I am truly learning anything. Just running courses every week.

I would love to take an online class but access to a place to set up obstacles or even the right kind of obstacles is limited. So I hesitate to switch to online only. Is there is the video aspect and then the upad, more time spent in front of a computer. Not only that the online classes are more expensive than in person!

Another option would be to try and get a private lesson every couple weeks with Daisy or something to work on handling. But I’m not convinced it’s my handling that is causing us issues. I guess a private would help with determining that.

Decisions decisions.