I was awakened this morning by a certain puppy needing out at about 3:30am. I tried to ignore him but was then wide awake so out we went. Then it took me a long time to fall back asleep.

I woke up again at 5:30 by puppy and ignored him till 6. I was not a happy person. Bad sleep this week along with not being able to fall asleep like normal, and I was grumpy. I almost started crying this morning doing my exercises.

So I called in sick, took some muscle relaxers, Advil and put an ear plug in each ear and went back to bed. I slept till 11 when guess who needed to go out?

I was better the second awakening so I think I needed it. I still wouldn’t mind a night or two without puppy. Can’t wait for Hawaii!!

Oh and I have an idea to make the crate less noisy for us in the bedroom. I’m going to buy him a soft crate. Thought of it today but I was too late to hit Salem Pet Supply. So tomorrow. Maybe that will be better for all of us. Though the zipper may not be that great in the mornings for Kris. It’s worth a shot!