CPE CAT 2016-04-16

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Twitch and I went to CAT’s CPE trial in Ridgefield last weekend. We signed up for 10 runs and ran 9. I knew 10 was a lot but wanted to see how we would do. The weather warmed up for us on Sunday which Twitch didn’t care for and neither did I! I’m becoming a wuss in the heat!

Back to agility. We had 2 Standard runs on Saturday with Fullhouse, Jackpot and Wildcard. We got Qs in Wildcard and Fullhouse. Standard we had some weave issues. Jackpot was a distance gamble and we didn’t get it.

Sunday we ran 1 Standard, Jackpot, Snooker and Colors. We were signed up for Jumpers but we scratched because it was hot and he was not running well. We Qd in Jackpot (non-traditional), Colors and Snooker. An off course tunnel bit is in Standard.

Overall Twitch ran well on Saturday and early Sunday. He was fast and happy and that is what I’m shooting for these days. He was pretty pokey on Sunday except for our first run which is why we pulled from Jumpers.

We struggle with the weaves so I need to work on that.