Hawaii Day 1

Friday April 29, 2016.

We got up at our normal time (well I did) and hit the road at 7:25am for our 10:25 am flight to Honolulu. It was sad to leave the pups but I know they are in good hands with our friend Amy.

We arrived with plenty of time and both had pre check. Since we were flying first class our check in line was short but pre check was long for “normal”. It was still shorter than no pre check!

Flight was good, we boarded first which meant we had time to get our first drink before we even took off. We both had a signature drink from Hawaiian airlines which was very tasty. Our drinks, food and in-flight entertainment was included. Also, our seats had foot rests and personal entertainment monitors. Pretty sweet! Our food was served on ceramic plates and we got three courses! Pretty fancy!

We landed in Honolulu with one more hop to Kona to go. The airport has a central garden which was really pretty. The Kona airport is open air, which is different.

We got our rental Jeep and drove the 15 miles to our hotel.  It does not suck on the views.

The above is from our balcony.

This is the hotel lobby.

Hotel pool. The other side has ocean views!

We had dinner here at the hotel and signed up for our first excursion, Manta Ray snorkeling! So on Saturday night we get to be the people out on those boats!

Dinner was delicious and we are both tired. It’s 9pm here but midnight our time and we have been up since 6am. So we are calling it a night. Tomorrow we are relaxing, exploring the local area, hitting a brewery and snorkeling with manta rays! Can’t wait!