Hawaii Day 4

Monday May 2, 2016.

We certainly are keeping with our streak of awesomeness! Today we started out slow and hung out at the pool.

Then we hit the road at 3 to head to the VIS at Mauna Kea for the sunset and star talk. We drove from sea level to almost 14,000 feet! It was pretty amazing to be above the clouds and watch the sun set *below* us!

This is the VIS where we had snacks for dinner. 9,000 feet!

There is a protected area for the Silversword plant which is endangered.

Then we headed up the mountain. 

The road was 4 miles of washboard dirt with switchbacks. 

At 4 miles the road is paved again but still climbs. 8 miles from the VIS to the summit, so 5,000 feet of elevation gain in 8 miles. There are signs saying only 4×4 with 4 low should go up. Without engine braking, you could be in big trouble!

Up top we watched the sun set. There are a few scientific, multi-million dollar telescopes up there that are not open to the public.  The oxygen level is really low and it was easy to get light headed with very little exhertion.



After the sun set, we drove back to the VIS and spent 2 hours star gazing and listening to some volunteers talk about planets and stars. They had several high powered telescopes set up and we got to see the rings around Saturn!

An epic adventure!