Hawaii Day 8

Friday May 7, 2016.

Today we got up before the sun to get ready and head out to Waimea for a horse back trip through Waipio Valley. The road down into the valley is a 25% grade and 4 wheel drive only.

The ranch took us all down in a 4 wheel drive van. It was steep, single lane most of the way and slow. The valley is pretty amazing though!

The ride was fun. We got to splash through creeks and try various plants growing along the road.

There was a tsunami in the valley several years ago and it destroyed much of the holdings down there. One thing that did remain were wild horses!

The folks moved back and they grow taro and other plants. Avocados, limes and various other fruits grow wild all over the place. Our guide kept plucking things from berries to flowers for us to eat. It was amusing. 🙂

The views were pretty spectacular too!

Then we went chasing waterfalls down the Hilo coast after a lunch at Grammie’s Diner in Honoka’a.

We stopped at Muamua Falls, Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls. Then went to the Boiling Pots location above Rainbow Falls.

Akaka Falls.

Rainbow Falls.

 At Rainbow Falls was this most magical glen. 

Then we went into Hilo and visited their street fair before heading off to a restaurant for food.

Kris did a fantastic job of driving us the hour and a half back to our hotel after a long day. I crashed out, which is why I don’t drive in the evenings.