Hawaii Day 9!

Saturday May 8, 2016.

Today we got up at normal hours to head south to South Point and the green sand beach.

South Point was neat because we got to take the rental Jeep into some back roads and barely trails areas which was fun. It was hot, sunny, windy and very dry.

This is the kind of area we drove through. Scrub land with dirt “roads” throughout. Some were so rutted you had to choose other paths. Not sure I would take a personally owned vehicle out there. 😉


We headed to green sands beach which is a small beach without easy access. There are locals that will give you a lift for $15 a person. I think the jeep could have made it but we would have gotten lost on the way! There were so many new paths because old ones got too rutted and had to be abandoned. So even had we tried, we might have been driving around for a while.

Kris got in the surf but I deemed it too rough for me. He did get beat up a bit and a wave took out his knee so he is feeling a bit gimpy this evening.

There were a couple kids body board surfing that were pretty amazing. I got some cool video of them jumping waves. 

All in all I probably wouldn’t go back there because the beach is small, the surf rough and the sand not that cool to see. It was a neat cove but not worth the trouble to get to IMO.

We went back to the hotel and got drinks and hung out by the pool. Kris planned this romantic dinner for two on a secluded patio for us at the hotel. A four course meal, drinks and the surf in front of us.

A lovely end to a fantastic week!