Ankle Sprain

So on Monday June 13th, I sprained my ankle.  I was on the garage steps and turned around to take the dogs out and missed a step. Landed with my foot at an angle which then rolled under, there was a loud pop and then severe pain. Commence the screaming for help.

Kris rescued me and drove me to the ER.    

X-ray was negative for a fracture so sprained ankle, air cast and I was sent home and told to use crutches till I could walk without pain.  

I am on day 7 of this and the colors my foot has gone through. Whew!


And the swelling! Ugh! Today I have been walking on it and it doesn’t hurt too much but I am wary of relying too much on that ankle so still using two crutches at times. The purple colors are increasing as the swelling dissipates. It will be good to be back to normal soon!