Ankle Sprain Week 4

This is the beginning of week four of my sprained ankle.  Swelling is gone by morning but returns with slight swelling during the day. Toes are still bruised looking too.

My heel feels bruised because the standing I have done is on my heel instead of balanced between toes and heel. That’s because the toes still hurt to put weight on them. 

I can walk just fine in straight lines, well ok I can walk mostly normal in straight lines but it does hurt with each step. Turning corners or uneven surfaces are still problematic. It hurts to correct at that level of precision.

I still can’t cross my legs by putting pressure on that ankle. Also sitting on the ground on knees or cross legged doesn’t work. It makes working with the pups tough because I can’t kneel on the ground. So I’ve been sitting on a stool.

I haven’t been able to do much agility training with the pups because I can’t run and the uneven surfaces in the yard cause me to lose my balance and/or hurts my foot. Not sure how class with Vader will go on Sunday. The good thing about Vader’s class is that we aren’t doing much sequencing, unlike Twitch’s class which I can’t even do because of uneven footing and running. Can’t run yet.

Tomorrow the 6th of July, I see an orthopedic doctor to make sure healing is going well and hopefully start some PT. So all in all healing and moving along but wish it would move faster.