First week of work!

Today marks the end of the first week of work on the house.

We have painted the downstairs.

Torn down the shelves in my office.

Painted the master bedroom.

And destroyed the upstairs bathroom. The wall paper was applied directly to the drywall so the glue sealed the paper and drywall surface together. So now we need to prime, then spackle, then prime and then paint! With maybe some wall texture thrown in if we can’t do a good job with the spackle.

I am exhausted and sore all over. It took me from noon to midnight with Christy’s help from about 3 and on, to strip all the paper. Then Kris and I spent a couple hours today cleaning the walls of debris and residual paper. What a mess!

Tomorrow we rest. Chat with family (me) and game (Kris).  Tuesday we get back at it with priming the bathroom and taping a bedroom. I will pack a few boxes tomorrow and dremmel the dogs nails too. Provides I can raise my arms.