Field of Troubles

So the mulch was blown in on Monday and the footing was too loose for the dogs and I to run on. So Tuesday we rented a roller to try and compact it.

First I drove the mower straight across the field and it seemed fine. So then we hooked up the roller and I drove across again. Both trips were diagonal across the field. That seemed ok so I started a looping path around the outside. The first turn found me stuck!! So I gave up on towing the roller and began pushing it by hand.

Kris was driving the mower on the diagonal while I was going side to side. He took over the rolling and I hopped on the mower. I made a pass on the diaganol and then tried to line up to go back and forth, forward and in reverse. But I got stuck! So I gave up on the mower and put ut away. 

I took over for Kris and finished the first pass of the whole field and then worked my way back again. Kris ordered a roller online because I think it will be handy to have for a while.

I’m going to try watering the mulch and then roll it a couple more times before we run on it again. It could use a little more compaction.

Really wishing I’d just gotten a large pile of dirt and spread that over the grass. Oh well.