Those People

Those people that let their child harass a dog until the dog feels it has no choice but to use its mouth to put distance between it and the child, those people would say something like, “but the dog never growled before” or “the bite came out of nowhere”.

No it didn’t. That dog gave plenty of warnings but the people weren’t listening. Well I am listening to my dogs. But apparently my husband would end up as one of those people. He told me tonight that he was more annoyed listening to me protect my dog from the overly hyper and aggressive kid than the kid.

I don’t know what to do with that but be angry. Angry that he thinks “Vader will just walk away” forever and ever. When Vader only has so much room to move around in. When the kid is constantly following V around as V keeps walking away over and over again until I tell the kid to leave him alone. DH doesn’t see. He doesn’t get it. He would be one of those people to be surprised when V is finally cornered with no one to protect him, so he protects himself. Who will suffer the most in that scenario?