Weekend Agility and Being in My Thirties

Twitch and I had an agility trial this past weekend. Saturday went pretty well but Sunday was less than spectacular. After a good Jackpot run first thing he began to stop and sniff. He didn’t get his weave entrances all weekend and only did his 2o2o contact on the Aframe once! And we had 4 Aframes on Sunday. It was a frustrating weekend to be sure. I need to stop fixing stuff and forget about the Q. I think fixing things when I am nervous makes him worse. We did ok with 4 Q’s out of 8 runs so not bad but not the 7 or 8 we have been getting.

He’s a baby dog. 🙂

So to top it off I turn 40 tomorrow. Kind of hard to believe it’s been that long and I’m that old now. Actually, based on timing and where I was born I may already be 40! Lol. Anyway we are doing a low key night tomorrow and then a big party on the 21st. I’m looking forward to it.

My agility classmates got me cake, a card and a balloon. Shelby got me these cute shoe charms that say ‘He’s a baby dog’ and ‘Run fast, Run clean’. 🙂 They will be my mantras from now on and remind me to have patience. IMG_4213.JPG

Twitch USDAA Jan 24/25 and trial stress


Imagine a third blue ribbon in the picture, the club ran out.. We qualified in all 3 runs today though they were slower as the day progressed.

I tried very hard to support each obstacle through all the runs but he still had a couple run bys. Mostly on contacts today. I bought the videos so once I get those I will have to examine them really well. I think it is mostly trial stress. This location was pretty noisy with lots of barking dogs. He kept looking behind himself and all around the rings. I wonder if letting him check out as many sides and locations as I can at new places would help…. In the center aisle between rings, all he wanted to do was look for dropped food. :-/

He runs pretty well at Barb’s place in Turner so the new surroundings may be the issue. It just means go to more places.

Overall we did well this weekend with 6 runs and 6 Q’s. Just wish we could get over the nervousness.

Twitch USDAA Jan 24/25

We are up in Seattle this weekend, well ok Kent and Auburn, for a USDAA trial. We are staying with the Landes because they are about 20 minutes from the trial site.

My goals for Twitch on his Standard run this morning was do all 12 weaves and stick his contacts. I knew we would have some distraction issues so didn’t focus on those. Twitch got his weaves on the second or third try (first one he just ran by completely) and he had lovely contacts all day.

His second run was Gamblers and my goal was to run with purpose and get his weaves. I did run with purpose, his distraction was less but i failed to support an Aframe cue but we still Q’d. He got his weaves first try. 🙂

Third run was Pairs and I was really nervous about it because he can be a bit reactive. I met up with my partner early on and we had a nice walk and some off leash time with her dog Bobo and Twitch. They even played chase a bit! Twitch did fantastic in Pairs, a little distraction but pretty good considering new place and very noisy!

Tomorrow we head back for Standard, Snooker and Jumpers.


Life Events

They say that the three most stressful things in life are moving, having a loved one dying and financial troubles. Well we’ve got two of those.  Luckily not a loved one dying. 😉  We should be closing on our house back in Indiana soon, hopefully next week.  All the paperwork and financing for the buyer is done, just waiting on a date from the realtors. It’s rather nerve wracking and I just want to get it over with already.  Once that’s done we’ll have extra money and I’ll be able to take over payments on the RV park and the RV itself, which means Kris will be able to keep what little cash he has left to pay for gas and such.

I’ve been looking at apartments and houses for rent the last few days because we’re both tired of the cramped space in the RV.  I had forgotten how difficult it is to find rentals that will accept 3 dogs.  Many, many places around here are one dog under 30 pounds or no dogs. ugh.  I found a place today, it’s a duplex on the East side of Salem that sounds just about right for us. Nice private backyard with no one behind the house, the house doesn’t share a wall with the neighbor, the garage and laundry room do. It’s only a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom but with the garage and laundry room, I think it would do for a while.  The only problem is that the ad says one dog and it’s a little more than we want to spend comfortably for a place but I’m not sure we’ll find something at the price we want to pay. We’ll just have to try and sell the RV as quickly as we can. I will miss this park. Well some aspects of it. 😉 But right now I can smell sewer… it happens every now and then and not surprising really but it’s not all the time, which is good.  But they do events and have lots of benefits to living here.  We just wish we had more space!

The sunsets can be amazing.


They do a good job with the grounds and this tent can be reserved free of charge to use. It has a large grill and large island on the other side that is available to be used as well.  Complete with tables and chairs!

And features like two off-leash areas for the dogs make potty time a breeze. Right now the pen below is right across from our final spot in the park, so it’s easy to walk across and let the dogs do their thing.

And the spot we’re in now has a nice grass area behind it where we can relax and tie out the dogs while we read, have dinner or just chill.  So it’s a nice place and the price is right, but we miss our stuff which is in storage and we both wish we had slightly more space. Though I do have to say that completing the vacuuming in 20 minutes is pretty darn nice.  heh….

I follow up with the neurosurgeon next week.  I sure hope that they think surgery is a good option for me. I want to try something else besides all the other things I have tried over the past 12 years!  My back is quite a bit better than the week that landed me in the hospital but it’s still not great.  For example, tonight I trimmed Kota’s fur and then brushed all 3 dogs and that left me in pain from just bending and trust me, I engage my stomach muscles to help!  I would like to be able to do normal every day things without ending up in pain.

I went to agility class for the first time in 4 weeks. Two weeks off for my back and one was Memorial Day.  I did ok in class but I could definitely tell the next day. Plus my calves were sore! How sad! I ran maybe a total of 3 minutes on Monday and was left with sore calf muscles and I was up to 3 miles before my back went out!  ugh…. and the jeans are a little tighter… guess eating all that cookie dough wasn’t such a good idea. lol…

So I’m kind of hoping that we can move into a house/duplex/etc in July sometime. I’m not in a super hurry and I’m not going to select a less than ideal place, but we may not have a whole lot of choices.  But for now we have a place to sleep, we have food in the cupboards and we have each other.