Done Adulting

Can I take a break from adulting? Is that possible? Looming bills to pay. Smells from septics. House cleaning and mowing and weeding. Ugh!

I did some grocery shopping today. Took an hour. Then 45 minutes to put ut all away. 

I also watered part of the yard.

And fed Mickey.

Plus I worked 8 hours on a very mentally challenging programming issue.

I’m beat!


So Mickey ate tonight. Only the third time since last September. To be truthful he only eats May through September but I do try to feed him every couple weeks. This summer I have not been as diligent and the few times I have tried, he either won’t eat or is getting ready to shed. Grrr.

He has not eaten enough to put back on lost winter weight so not sure what I’m going to do. 

Sometimes I think I should have him euthanized but he is still healthy. Plus he turns 21 in September, I’ve had him half my life! How could I let him go just because I can’t get our schedules synced to feed him? Ugh I really should try harder to feed him more often.