So I started this Couch to 5K program 5 weeks ago. I’ve been running 3 times a week going on my 4th week (took the vacation week off while in Mexico).  On Monday I ran in the little gym they have here at the RV park. The treadmill there is actually quite a nice treadmill. I can plug my iphone into the speaker and play my music through a decent output, the buttons are nice and big, easy to use when running or walking and it has a built in fan.

The view is also pretty nice. 😀  I ran/walked almost 2 miles in 29 minutes.  Not too bad for week 4 of running.  Now, you’d think I was in better shape because of agility, but honestly, when training, I don’t do a whole lot of running myself unfortunately and since I am only doing class once a week, I run maybe 3 minutes, tops during class.  So I need the extra exercise.  If it’s nice outside I run outside either around the RV park, at Scot and Amy’s subdivision or at Minto Brown park.  Today looked like rain and it hailed twice today, so I decided to be safe and not get hailed on.

I also added music to my iphone last night. I know, I know, I’ve had the thing for 3 years now? and am just getting music on it?  Well, ya know, I don’t buy songs and I finally got around to copying from my CDs, which have been in the RV for two years. 😀  Yay!

I felt really good after my run today. I like that feeling.

Kota Buddy’s Recent Lesson

For a short time last week, I thought Kota’s days were numbered and I could see the end. It made me realize a lot of things, the most important being that I don’t spend enough time with my dogs. I want to work with them, I want to hike with them, I want to spend time doing stuff with my dogs.

What I have wholesale jerseys been doing is spending a Weekend lot of time and effort on a club that I get no benefit from, other than getting to use equipment. But when you have dogs like mine who are older and their drive and energy levels are lower, that doesn’t make a difference. Plus I can do all the handling training I need without all the equipment. So spending over 15 hours each week on the club and care and maintenance of said club, is not worth it anymore. I have spent so much time and energy trying to get the club running and getting more people involved, that I have neglected things closer and dearer wholesale NBA jerseys to me. This includes my new husband. ?

I actually thought when he moved to Oregon for his big adventure, that I would immerse myself in the club and really get it going. But all that has done, is created a bigger monster that others are not able or willing to care for. And it therefore takes more of my time. The cheap NBA jerseys first month that Kris was gone, I did just that. Taught more, helped more, spent more time and energy on that and it was killing me. My back hasn’t hurt this bad Group_tort in a long time because I don’t have “off” days. I don’t have days where I’m not moving equipment or taking care of two acres of land by myself. Kris helped in that care of the land greatly.

After that first month, I told the club I couldn’t keep it up. I needed help. I needed them to step up and be willing to do more for the club because I could no longer do it all. There was agreement and willingness at meetings… but much of that died once they left those meetings. I don’t blame people. We’re all busy, myself included. I work full time so this club was on the side and I poured as much of me into as I could and that first month was too much. I reached my limit then. I saw the future and knew that if others didn’t take over, the club would die when I move.

Well it’s the beginning of the third month and so far not much has changed. I am pulling back on how much I do, how much I contribute. I am still teaching classes and will do so as long as I am here, but I am going to have to limit how many for the next session. I have spent many week day evenings on club business. I have spent many weekend hours on lessons, makeups and classes and I want my weekends back. This past weekend was hot, very hot and it was nice to be able to relax and accomplish a project I Korting! had been wanting to do for a while. Namely this update to my site.

But fearing an “end” to Kota last week really made me realize that it’s not just the time spent, but the time spent away from those I love. I miss Kris like crazy and he would be pleased to hear/read this. I spent 4 hours with him via Skype on Sunday morning just chillin’ and talkin’ and it was wonderful. I really miss our leisurely weekend mornings together. I miss our Friday night TV watching together. I miss going to Griffy with our dogs and just chillin’ for an hour or so. I want to spend time with my dogs cheap jerseys who are with me today, doing things they enjoy instead of ignoring them for 3 evenings during the week while I teach classes or take classes with another dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and meeting all the different dogs and working with them and their owners, but I’m tired. I’m tired all the time. I work 8 to 5 and then teach from 6:30 till 9pm or later! And I do that 2 nights a week plus spend another cheap nba jerseys weeknight working a friend’s dog. It’s too much. I don’t get down time during the week.

Time for Carnavalsoptocht change.