Slow down!

I need my life to slow down a bit. We have so many things going on, so many projects in various stages that we have enough to work on for weeks. I would like a chill out evening sometime soon where I sit on the couch and watch TV for a couple hours. Is that too much to ask?
Tonight we moved a couple yards of rock and spread a couple yards of mulch. Then went to Lowes to get faucets, grass seed and bike hooks. Just open the door and throw the money out. Sheesh.
I am behind on signing up for trials and I am no where near where I had hoped to be with Vader this year. I had hoped to have his novice Rally title by now. One step at a time.

House Ownership

I do believe that we own a house! Sellers got the pool table out on Saturday and we take key possession tomorrow. Tuesday I start cleaning the damn place. Cobwebs and spiders galore! Plus millipedes and dead bugs from the fumigation on Friday. Yay.


I took a private lesson today with Daisy Peel. She is an agility trainer who has competed on World Team and has trained with Linda Mecklenburg. I decided I needed a fresh look at my handling because I feel like we are stuck and I have high hopes for Twitch and I.

Twitch is such a willing partner and I want to be all I can be for him. So we headed to Mulino today to see what we coil d find out.

I know we have problems with turns and either going wide or lack of motivation through the turns. She pointed out that I don’t give the right cues for turns and so we will work on that. She also reminded me that I haven’t spent any time on perpendicular to perpendicular jumping efforts. So I cleaned up my wing jump and brought that inside today.

We also looked at our contacts and Twitch didn’t know what he should do when she said Spot and was inches from the dog walk. So we broke out the 2o2o board and did some practice with that too.

Lots of good suggestions and things to work on. I think I will try to do one a month with her just as a second set of eyes and keep us progressing along.

Looking forward to great things this year!