Goals and How Not to Achieve Them

Goal: eat healthier, smaller portions and stop snacking.

I did well for a couple weeks. Then I slipped and kept slipping. I do ok at work through the week but the weekends are hard and the evenings too. I am so hungry when I get home! We are slowly getting rid of snack items so that is good at least.

I have avoided alcohol since New Years till today. I had a little bit of Frangelico and Baileys in my coffee. Didn’t get a buzz and all it did was flavor the coffee. Still not going to do more than that but it was a considered choice to go against what I am trying to do.

And interestingly enough, now I have phlegm again. I’ve been battling sinus issues for a while now and the last two days were pretty good. Sudafed, Mucinex and saline nose drops were working. Now the phlegm across the throat is back. Am I allergic to alcohol? Was it the Reeses Pieces or Milk Duds? So chocolate? But I haven’t had chocolate since the chocolate pudding pie…. hmmm… I may have to test this theory.


Making changes is hard.

Buying the next size up in pants is hard but way more comfortable!

So the change I am trying to make is to stop snacking and to eat better. Make better choices about food.

So at dinner the other night I got a small steak, salad and steamed veggies instead of fries or other less healthy options. I skipped the dinner rolls but did try one of the appetizer things. I also stuck with water.

I started to try and count calories by using an app. I did ok for a couple days but man what a PITA. So now that I have an idea of how much my breakfast, snacks and lunch are, I am just exerting self control. I don’t think I have the fortitude to log all my foods. So I will drink more La Croix when I want a flavored drink and stop snacking outside of approved snacks.

Oh I’m sure I will slip up here and there but I have already done well this week at work.

The other thing is no more alcohol. Empty calories that do me no good.

So we shall see how this goes. Week one is in the books. I weighed 141 this past weekend. Out of college it was 130 and the last several years were 135. Breaking my foot two years ago really set me back and that is when my weight started creeping up again. I’d like to get back to 135 but 130 is my goal.

Kris has been going to the gym. I go down to the barn when he goes. I may not get as much cardio benefit but frankly if I’m going to do something that makes me hurt, I’d rather it be something I enjoy like agility or hiking. At the end of a training session with the dogs I do ladder drills and stuff before coming back up. So I am adding more exercise and I really need to get back to doing stretches in the mornings.

Clothing Factions

Ever imagine your clothes have a silent war for your attention?

Your bed clothes (pajamas to use a common term) vie for your attention and lord it over the daily clothes you toss in the dirty clothes bin? Perhaps your day clothes rejoin with something like, “at least she wore me out in public”.


Just me?

Ah well I guess my life is kinda dull then.

CPE Fleet Feet 2017-12-03 and 04

This past weekend I took Twitch and Vader to the Turner barn for a CPE trial hosted by Fleet Feet. Vader ran a full weekend and Twitch ran two runs each day. My goal with Twitch is to have happy runs. Q or no Q, just happy. I think we definitely achieved that!


He ran Jackpot and Standard on Saturday. We did not get the Jackpot because of an extra jump but he was fast and happy! So good to see and run! Standard was lovely, no complaints and it was a nice run.

Sunday was Fullhouse and Standard again. No complaints in Fullhouse though his serpentines need some work. Standard we had an off course tunnel, need to work those threadles more, but the rest was great!


Saturday was Jackpot, Standard, Colors and Wildcard. Jackpot was a Q but it wasn’t pretty! We had some baby dog moments and some handler lack of handling, which resulted in many giggles from me.

Standard was great! I was late on a blind and he barked at me but was just fine otherwise.

Colors was fine though I over compensated a couple times.

Wildcard was great too.


We did Fullhouse, Standard, Snooker and Jumpers. All but Jumpers went just fine. Jumpers was a bit of a cluster. Lol I over corrected or didn’t show the line well enough and he almost took an off course tunnel. He also at another point, tried to jump onto the top of a tunnel! Oi vey!

Overall a good weekend. I figured out the ramp and car situation which is great. Love lots of things about the new car and this was its first trial test.

Next up, December 30 at Fun Fur Paws in Mt Vernon, WA!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!!

So we had a nice Thanksgiving with the Landes this past week. The Deckers flew out last Monday to Seattle and stayed with the Landes. We drove up Tuesday night and stayed until Saturday. The Deckers left on Friday.

We saw Justice League on Wednesday and made tons of food on Thursday. So. Much. Food!!

It was actually really nice. Lots of sitting around time which was very much needed. Relax and socialize.

Then today was back to the grind. Sigh.

I am going to try to do some exercises on a more regular basis. Breaking my foot last year pretty much killed all that, so time to get the habit back. My small goal is three times a week. Just my crunches, leg lifts and stretches. I hope this will get me to feeling better and get the habit going again. I definitely have more motivation in the AM if I can drag my butt out of bed! That’s the real challenge!

I am also contemplating taking a handling class with Vader. Maybe see how much work I have to do if I want to do this conformation thing. I am not sure I do but I would sure like to know what others think of him. 🙂 I think he is pretty awesome!