So I’m at work and completely distracted so thought I would take a few minutes to get this down and hopefully that will return my focus.

Two things.

First, many of my agility friends are getting or already have puppies. Border collie puppies. I WANT A PUPPY!!!  There is even a 11 month old red and white BC in foster care in Indy… <sigh> I could skip the whole needing to pee every hour part.  But alas, my future is destined to a house in chaos because of trying to sell it without it becoming a bunch of rooms of “this is going” and “this is being sold”.  Plus dealing with 3 dogs instead of two. Then once the move to OR occurs, it’s living in an RV for 6 months or so.   Not only that but a doggie door would be a danger to a new pup and my fence is good enough for my two dogs, but for a new dog that could clear it with no issues?  Not a good idea. So lots of reasons to not get a young dog right now but it does not stop the fact that I want a new agility partner sooooooo badly right now! I can not even believe how strong my jealousy is of my friends.  <sigh>

Second, selling the house. It will go on the market this week. The idea is it will sell in Sept or Oct and I will vacate in November.  Or at least, that’s the ideal. We’ll see what actually happens. But along with selling and moving across the country to live in an RV comes the whole down-sizing issue. So many things will go… but it’s the hard choice of what goes. I’ve already resigned to getting rid of the couches and frankly would not mind if they went soon. Then I can quit vacuuming them and go to folding chairs or something in the living room. Not exactly great for company, but let’s face it, I’m not the sociable type. I don’t watch a lot of TV and watching even less would be ok with me.  Though I do love to recline in them…..

Kitchen stuff. We have a LOT of kitchen stuff and a lot of it we don’t even use very often. So then it’s deciding of all that stuff, what stays and goes.  I have several plants and frankly I want them gone now. I’m tired of the bugs they draw and they have to go sometime, might as well be now.

I was cleaning this past weekend in prep for the realtor Recent to come take pictures on Wednesday.  Along with that came the  oh my goodness I have to keep the house clean for showings and what about the dogs? and should I get rid of stuff now and if so would that detract from the house because now it looks crappy inside?  I mean there is just a lot of crap to think through.

And as i was dusting, I would think, ok that can be sold, that can be sold, this needs to stay but then I was like, will I remember it all when the time comes?  I mean, I have to go through my entire life in that house and make a decision to let it go.  I envy Kat that she could do that when she moved to San Fran. The idea of starting over and starting fresh is nice, but the reality of it is so scary and intimidating and terrifying really.

And I have to do it all by myself. Kris will try to come back to help but honestly, with a brand new business opening up, what are the chances of that happening?

And then, oh man, what if someone wants my house now? I mean, like I have to move out soon or they won’t buy it?  What do I do then? Move into monthly housing? With two dogs?  Ahh!!!!!

I know I’m having a freak out day. It happens, my blog, let me vent.  ? I know I will manage Wholesale and I know it will all be ok, but man, the future is terrifying today.

My husband owes me a cute red and white border collie from herding lines for all of this. ?

I’ve done it again

I have mega sunburn. I have done so good this summer so far with putting on suntan Ihre lotion before working outside, but apparently I failed today. My shoulders are bright red. I mean bright red! If I don’t peel, then I will be shocked. I am planning to aloe my shoulders frequently to help me not to peel, but we’ll see. I am going to be hurty tomorrow.


On other notes I got lots done today. I reworked the dog pen, made it a little smaller but not a ton. I put a PVC gate Dealer on each side so now we can get the mower in either side. Plus we can now trim along the deck easier too. I also added “shade” to the dog pen in the form of two posts hammered into the center of the pen with one of the umbrellas in between. And open. So my plan is to leave that sucker up and open all the time. The dogs actually used the shade this evening Fun during open practice, so it is a good thing. ?


Then I planted my pussy willow outside the kitchen window so I can see it when I wash dishes now. That got me messing with PRODEX dirt which led to the next task.

I also emptied all the flower pots that have been growing volunteer maple trees. Plus all the cheap nfl jerseys large pots in the rock garden. wholesale nba jerseys That was a back breaking job I must say. I did move everything into the garage and did all that there though. ? I then used all that dirt to fill in a few spots in the agility field.

Then I ran open ???????????? practice, had 2 folks come which is always good. wholesale jerseys Tasha and Kota did pretty well especially since I withheld dinner from them. ?

After that, cheap jerseys inside to feed the dogs, Weekend shower and eat dinner myself. I had my leftover calzone from Lennie’s and made the leftover chicken thigh into chicken salad with chipotle mayo for tomorrow’s lunch.

Now it’s NCIS and wine, Sangria from Lesson Oliver Winery.

I did sleep cheap nba jerseys in today, got out of bed about 11am. I took Kris to the airport yesterday. ? This time was not as hard as the first time and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I know I will see him again, or perhaps because things have been put in motion to move me out there, so I feel like I have more of a timeline and/or plan of attack, so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hard. I’m going to put the house on the market soon and cleaning up the leftover flower pots was part of that “sprucing up”. I’ve gotten permission to work remotely on a trial basis after October and I’ve come to terms with selling a lot of our furniture and stuff.

Most of the loose ends are now with the club, which is whole ‘nother issue in and of conference itself.

Another Fun Weekend

This past weekend was another fun weekend for me. It was made more relaxing by knowing I would not have to worry about getting the mowing done before Monday.

My husband is in town and I canceled classes for this week so that I could spend as much time with him as possible. This means he can get the mowing done today, Monday.

On Saturday we headed down to the Borden/Floyds Knobs area of southern cheap jerseys Indiana Audio and hung out with some of my extended family. The Renn side of things had a reunion, one they do every year, at my Aunt’s house.

Kris and I headed down there with Kota and Tasha. We took the dogs so that we would not have to worry about the length of time we were gone from the house. They spent most of the day in crates in the van (parked in the shade) but they did get to go on a walk down to the “lake” with us. We had Kota do some swimming after a tennis ball cheap nfl jerseys and Tasha did her usual shallow water Weekend wading. After that we went to visit my grandfather, my dad’s father. He is looking really good for an almost 93 year old man. He even is still moving around on his own pretty well. It was so good to see him. The dogs hung out in the car, in the shade with all doors open again. Our dogs are such good pups at times.

After that we went to the River City Winery in New Albany, IN. My cousin, Mike is the head chef there, so we tasted wines and had delicious food. The dogs, again, hung out in the car with water, windows open and in the shade. We made sure that where we parked was in the shade for their comfort and luckily the spot was almost right in front of the winery so we could keep an wholesale nba jerseys eye on the van while we ate dinner. That was my biggest cheap nfl jerseys concern for the Buddy’s day, was whether we could find a spot that was shaded for them. We lucked out and I’m thankful for that.

On Sunday Kris and I had a leisurely morning at home and then we packed the dogs up again and drove to our friend’s parent’s place. They have a pond and we spent the day outside with the dogs running free. We started out at the pond but it began to rain, so we were sitting under some pine trees hoping it would blow over. However the rain just kept coming down and we were all soaked, so we headed back to the house until it did. It was amusing and we were drenched, but having fun.

Her parents have a great front porch where we all sat around talking. The dogs wandered in and out of the rain until it stopped. Weekend Then we went for a mushroom hike looking for chantarelle mushrooms for dinner before heading back to the pond for some mars swimming.

I think that the Bonchek’s have at least 4 or 5 dogs, so adding our two made 6 or 7 dogs, I think. Oh and Rob brought his dog, Buster too. Tasha and Kota like to swim and Kota would swim out to us to hang out in our laps while we floated in the pond. Tasha wasn’t too keen on sitting in our laps, so she would just swim around us, make sure we were all accounted for, and then swim back to shore. We’d just be talking and having fun, all of a sudden Tasha would swim by and then head off to shore again. It was great to see her enjoying herself and she swims so well too.

I even got her to climb up onto the floating dock with me. I jumped off into the water and she managed to jump off as well and keep her head out of the water. I managed to dump Kota at one point, which he did not appreciate. It was not on purpose and it was his fault for shifting the way he did. Poor little guy got submerged a bit and took off swimming for shore.

The funniest part was after dinner we were sitting on the made porch again and Tasha had put herself in the open door of the van. Apprently she was ready to head home. I found Kota sleeping in the “hay dog house” at one point that evening.

It was such a wonderful weekend and so much fun to be more relaxed in my time and expectations. Way more relaxing and fun than stressing about getting things done around the house and/or Support holding classes, etc.

Kota Buddy’s Recent Lesson

For a short time last week, I thought Kota’s days were numbered and I could see the end. It made me realize a lot of things, the most important being that I don’t spend enough time with my dogs. I want to work with them, I want to hike with them, I want to spend time doing stuff with my dogs.

What I have wholesale jerseys been doing is spending a Weekend lot of time and effort on a club that I get no benefit from, other than getting to use equipment. But when you have dogs like mine who are older and their drive and energy levels are lower, that doesn’t make a difference. Plus I can do all the handling training I need without all the equipment. So spending over 15 hours each week on the club and care and maintenance of said club, is not worth it anymore. I have spent so much time and energy trying to get the club running and getting more people involved, that I have neglected things closer and dearer wholesale NBA jerseys to me. This includes my new husband. ?

I actually thought when he moved to Oregon for his big adventure, that I would immerse myself in the club and really get it going. But all that has done, is created a bigger monster that others are not able or willing to care for. And it therefore takes more of my time. The cheap NBA jerseys first month that Kris was gone, I did just that. Taught more, helped more, spent more time and energy on that and it was killing me. My back hasn’t hurt this bad Group_tort in a long time because I don’t have “off” days. I don’t have days where I’m not moving equipment or taking care of two acres of land by myself. Kris helped in that care of the land greatly.

After that first month, I told the club I couldn’t keep it up. I needed help. I needed them to step up and be willing to do more for the club because I could no longer do it all. There was agreement and willingness at meetings… but much of that died once they left those meetings. I don’t blame people. We’re all busy, myself included. I work full time so this club was on the side and I poured as much of me into as I could and that first month was too much. I reached my limit then. I saw the future and knew that if others didn’t take over, the club would die when I move.

Well it’s the beginning of the third month and so far not much has changed. I am pulling back on how much I do, how much I contribute. I am still teaching classes and will do so as long as I am here, but I am going to have to limit how many for the next session. I have spent many week day evenings on club business. I have spent many weekend hours on lessons, makeups and classes and I want my weekends back. This past weekend was hot, very hot and it was nice to be able to relax and accomplish a project I Korting! had been wanting to do for a while. Namely this update to my site.

But fearing an “end” to Kota last week really made me realize that it’s not just the time spent, but the time spent away from those I love. I miss Kris like crazy and he would be pleased to hear/read this. I spent 4 hours with him via Skype on Sunday morning just chillin’ and talkin’ and it was wonderful. I really miss our leisurely weekend mornings together. I miss our Friday night TV watching together. I miss going to Griffy with our dogs and just chillin’ for an hour or so. I want to spend time with my dogs cheap jerseys who are with me today, doing things they enjoy instead of ignoring them for 3 evenings during the week while I teach classes or take classes with another dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and meeting all the different dogs and working with them and their owners, but I’m tired. I’m tired all the time. I work 8 to 5 and then teach from 6:30 till 9pm or later! And I do that 2 nights a week plus spend another cheap nba jerseys weeknight working a friend’s dog. It’s too much. I don’t get down time during the week.

Time for Carnavalsoptocht change.

Relaxing Weekend

I cheap jerseys had cheap mlb jerseys a cheap jerseys very Standard relaxing Things weekend. Create First one in a while. I actually spent time working on my website which I’ve been dying to do for a long time now.

On Saturday I was in the parade with PALS. With two other people, I was part of the poop patrol. PALS is a therapeutic riding program and they brought two horses which we painted festively and had two riders. It was a long time in the saddle for those two young girls. When we were just leaving our staging area, the beginning of the parade was ending one block over. It had already come full circle and there were 25 more groups behind us!

That afternoon I took the pups to Griffy and we had a nice long hike with swimming afterwards. I think Kota and Tasha really liked the swimming part. ? I had one lesson that evening and then I talked with Jenn for an hour and a half that night. She’s in NY btw and told her to stop and say hi to mom and dad.

On Sunday the pups and I rested, I was actually sore from all that walking, how sad. I worked on my site and got ready for company that night. Steph, Brian, George and Matt came over for burgers and corn on the cob and other delectibles. Then we trudged into the agiltiy field with the dogs and watched the fireworks.

Monday I took the pups for a walk early to beat the heat. Poor Kota, he is really showing his age now. ? He walked next to me most of the way and he is usually out in front checking out everything.

Then I made some black bean and lentil soup and took half over to some friends. They recently had a preemie baby that has ongoing medical problems and a group of their friends have created a casserole brigade to go over and help out with cooking and/or cleaning until they get back on their feet. Darja, the mother, spent 11 weeks in the hospital, gave birth to two preemie babies with Ronan, the boy, passing away after a couple weeks. Petra, the girl, is at home now but it’s been rough on both of them. So I got to see Darja and Ryan, the parents, and pass along some things we had for them.

Then I went home and basically watched The Tudors all afternoon while working on my site.

Very restful and relaxing after last week. ?