CPE Fleet Feet 2016/03/26-27

Twitch and I were at it again! We went to Fleet Feet’s March agility trial in Turner this weekend. Good for us because it’s the barn where we train. Twitch is very comfortable there and we had an amazing weekend.

I have been trying to focus on the fun of agility with him because I have been putting too much pressure on us both. That kind of worked at WAG in Corvallis but was really great this weekend. We had some nice flowing courses that didn’t trip us up any. It’s what I strive for with each run and it was amazing to get those in competition.

We ran 7 runs and came home with 6 Qs. We finished three titles this weekend and one more Standard run and we will have our Level 4 title. This weekend was a lot of fun. So proud of my little man.


CPE Vent

So this is my space and I can do what I like. Tonight I want to vent about CPE or Canine Performance Events.

CPE is a very forgiving venue. The hardest part is the sheer number of Qs you need to get a CATCH. If you start in Level 1 you need 8 Qs to move up. Level 2 needs 16, Level 3 needs 24, Level 4 needs 32 and Level 5 needs 40. So a total of 120 Qs. That is $12 a run so $1440 bucks! Not to mention hotels, camping, gas, training classes and camps. 

And for that the number of people that do it is large, specifically because it is very forgiving. Even in Level 5 you don’t have to have clean runs in order to Q. In USDAA you only Q if it is a clean run. 

So the folks that attend these trials are folks, IMO, that would have a very difficult time getting Qs in other venues. And because of that you see dogs that are over weight. Dogs that are shut down and they wouldn’t make course time because they are too slow. And dogs that probably shouldn’t be trialing. Yet the handlers continue to compete with them. Some even when they have other dogs to play with and compete with that are more enthusiastic!

I was really tired of watching people trying to coax a dog to go up a dog walk or over the teeter. Or even a jump! There were a few this past weekend that looked like the height was too much for them. I’m sure there is more to the story than what I see at a brief point in time but I see some of the same people and dogs with these issues. Perhaps their dog is having an off day. But dogs that don’t look like they are having fun, should maybe be allowed to be pets and not competitors.

I think it’s great that CPE exists and it’s a great venue to start in but I think I may be outgrowing it. There are folks that have CATCH 3 and above! I will finish out our CATCh and then maybe move on for a while and try something new.

We only have 50 some odd Qs to go. :-/

CAT CPE Ridgefield, WA

This past weekend Twitch and I went to Ridgefield, WA for a CPE agility trial held by CAT (Columbia Agility Team). The trial was two rings on dirt in the large horse arena.

Both days had two rounds of Standard in one ring with the games in the other. Saturday was Fullhouse, Colors and Wildcard. Sunday was Jackpot, Snooker and Jumpers.

We entered both Standard rounds each day and on Sat Colors and Wildcard for four runs. On Sunday we entered Snooker. Based on the posted schedule of classes Level 4,5,C Standard conflicted with both Fullhouse on Saturday and Jackpot on Sunday. Since those are “easy” classes for us, I didn’t enter those to avoid the conflicts.

Saturday the schedule ended up that we ran first thing and then not again until 2pm where we ran three runs in a couple hours.

Sunday we ran Standard, then walked Standard, walked Snooker, ran Standard and then ran Snooker.

I am going to complain a bit here because I really think they could do a better job of scheduling the classes so the conflicts are less. Sunday saw the same group of dogs trying to run in two rings for back to back classes. I am glad I had not entered Jackpot. I didn’t enter Jumpers because I was afraid that if it was hot I wouldn’t have much dog by then. And it was hot! 93 both days. Our Colors run last of the day on Saturday was super slow! Got 4th place in that one. Our one white ribbon!

We finished the weekend with 6 Qs out of 7 runs so not too bad. I was not pleased with bits of our performances. He is avoiding the aframe and not stopping in his contact position. The last classes on Sunday I didn’t ask for the stop and he seemed happier. Other than slow he did ok. Our wraps are still a work in progress and he does them very slow. Sigh. Things to work on! Now if we could just get some rain so my grass greens up!

We also camped over night in the van. That worked out pretty well and I will definitely do that again!

Tired puppy.


Two Venues, One Weekend

This weekend Twitch and I competed in two different agility trials. K-9 Sports USDAA in Longview, WA and Fleet Feet CPE in Turner, OR.

The USDAA trial was outside on grass and the day turned out to be chilly and drizzly. Twitch loved it! I loved being outside with the room and space! Just wish I’d worn pants and a coat!

Our first run was Gamblers. I meant to send him through the tire over a jump then up the aframe. Instead he veered to the teeter so I had to adjust my plan but it worked out very well and we got the pinwheel gamble.

The second run was P2 Standard, our first go of it. I did not run it like I walked it. Oops. I started on the wrong side and then didn’t front cross before the aframe, so did after and then bobbled the weaves a bit. Coming out of the chute was not pretty since I meant to pull to the landing side of the next jump but instead ran to the take off side. We still managed to get over the right jump going the right direction. Then didn’t give a clear signal and pick up for the second to last jump but again salvaged it. Oi! We got that Q too.

Last run was Pairs. We ran with Nikki and Fancy. Twitch was a little growly when they came in for the handoff but refocused nicely. Aside from me momentarily forgetting the course, that run went pretty smooth.

Today was Fullhouse and Standard. He ran fast in Fullhouse accumulating 39 points (we needed 25) for a first place in Level 4. He did miss a tunnel but I didn’t cue any collection or come in to me over the jump preceding the tunnel, totally my fault.

Standard was a loopy course that was a lot of fun. We bobbled the weaves because again, I tried for a front cross and didn’t cue collection for that first pole well enough. The rest of the course was ok except for after the teeter where I forgot the course again.  We got back on track without too bad of a handling error and pulled in the 5th Q. 

Sheesh, not a good weekend for me handling wise!

Overall he did well and enjoyed himself. So proud of the little guy!!

Next Trials

Tomorrow we play USDAA in Longview Washington. It will be outside on grass so who knows how we will do. 

Saturday we stay local and go to Fleet Feet’s CPE trial. Just two runs first thing in the AM and then off to do other things.

We are registered for USDAA the 19th of July but just Gamblers. Gotta try to get those Gamblers and Pairs legs!

In August I am registered for one trial, CPE and then I’m going to do some kayaking and hiking. We will start again in September.