Quick Posts

Sometimes I have a thought during the day that I want to write about but it’s always when I’m driving or don’t have my phone or can’t take the time, like at work. I remember pondering something today that I felt I should write about but can’t remember what it was try this website

So I will write about peeves. Peeves as in pet peeves or those-things-that-annoy-me.

Pedestrians that make a shitty show of trying to hurry across the street in front of you.

I was coming up to an intersection and two cars were already stopped for pedestrians in the crosswalk still on the left side of the road but walking across. As I am coming to a stop another person jogs into the road from the left but stops jogging  after 3 steps! She hadn’t even made it to the cars that were stopped! I don’t get this. If you’re not going to jog the whole way, just don’t jog! I mean three steps isn’t going to make a big difference.

Another thing is turn signals. Sure sometimes you’re not sure you’re going to turn, that happens. But if you’re randomly slowing down on a road and don’t turn on a signal until you are actually turning, then you’re useless.

Or how about the woman who was on her cell phone for 10 minutes going the same way as me in front of me? No turn signal. FOUR turns! Couldn’t believe it.

So there’s my vent for the day.