All That and  a Bag of Tricks

or bag of toys and treats! On Wednesdays I take Vader to work and leave him in the van. On my breaks I go out and we walk and play games.

This past weekend it occurred to me that I could use the fenced and gates parking area for some off leash fun with him, so today we did that.

We walked around first on leash so I could verify the ground don’t have glass or screws/nails from the construction of the fence. Just gravel! So we worked on heeling, arounds, sits, and retrieves. It worked really well and we had a gorgeous day! I didn’t ask him to run too much on it because it is gravel but he didn’t seem hesitant at all. I will definitely use it again!

Vader and I are working on Rally tricks so we can get a Rally Novice title. Plus it gives me goals to work on. 🙂  We joined a Rally class on Mondays after our other class. He didn’t do too bad, but he is a shrieker when I leave him in a crate. 🙁  So we will need to work on that!