CAT CPE Ridgefield, WA

This past weekend Twitch and I went to Ridgefield, WA for a CPE agility trial held by CAT (Columbia Agility Team). The trial was two rings on dirt in the large horse arena.

Both days had two rounds of Standard in one ring with the games in the other. Saturday was Fullhouse, Colors and Wildcard. Sunday was Jackpot, Snooker and Jumpers.

We entered both Standard rounds each day and on Sat Colors and Wildcard for four runs. On Sunday we entered Snooker. Based on the posted schedule of classes Level 4,5,C Standard conflicted with both Fullhouse on Saturday and Jackpot on Sunday. Since those are “easy” classes for us, I didn’t enter those to avoid the conflicts.

Saturday the schedule ended up that we ran first thing and then not again until 2pm where we ran three runs in a couple hours.

Sunday we ran Standard, then walked Standard, walked Snooker, ran Standard and then ran Snooker.

I am going to complain a bit here because I really think they could do a better job of scheduling the classes so the conflicts are less. Sunday saw the same group of dogs trying to run in two rings for back to back classes. I am glad I had not entered Jackpot. I didn’t enter Jumpers because I was afraid that if it was hot I wouldn’t have much dog by then. And it was hot! 93 both days. Our Colors run last of the day on Saturday was super slow! Got 4th place in that one. Our one white ribbon!

We finished the weekend with 6 Qs out of 7 runs so not too bad. I was not pleased with bits of our performances. He is avoiding the aframe and not stopping in his contact position. The last classes on Sunday I didn’t ask for the stop and he seemed happier. Other than slow he did ok. Our wraps are still a work in progress and he does them very slow. Sigh. Things to work on! Now if we could just get some rain so my grass greens up!

We also camped over night in the van. That worked out pretty well and I will definitely do that again!

Tired puppy.